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Finding the right cantaloupe can mean dinner for an entire family, and with leftovers! A go-to source of vitamins and minerals, a fully mature cantaloupe should have a light tan netted skin over a deep, dark green surface. Melons can be partially segmented or exhibit a consistent netted skin depending upon variety, so be wary of outside appearance. The flesh is bright orange with minimal greening along the last quarter of flesh nearest to the outside rim.

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How to Store


– Store immediately in the coldest part of the walk-in cooler (Typically, this will be on a lower shelf and farthest away from the entry door). Kitchen heat will continue the ripening process and start decay.

– Store in the original sealed carton, away from drafts from the cooler fan. This fruit is susceptible to dehydration.

– Do not stack heavy objects on top of the case. This could cause crushing damage.

– Under-ripe fruit may be stored at 68-74 degrees to ripen. If a proper area is not available, the case may be stored in a plastic bag in the warmest part of the cooler.

– Keep ripe fruits away from ethylene-producing fruit.


– Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.

– Handle carefully, do not drop. Ripe avocados will bruise easily.


– Prepare as needed. Try not to use the product from the previous day.

– Use the entire piece of fruit in prep. Cut fruit will brown almost immediately.


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