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Melons are a tasty treat from South America finally available in the GTA. Fully-mature honeydew melons should have a smooth, light yellow to pale green skin. Melons will be slightly elongated and well shaped, with a rich color inside. The flesh is pale white-green to a medium green; it should be firm, sweet and crunchy to the taste buds. The seed cavity should be moist and juicy. The melon is large, though not as large as a watermelon: approximate weight ranges from 5 lb. to 7 lbs. on average.

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How to Store


– Store immediately covered or protected in the warmest part of the walk-in cooler. Melons are very susceptible to damage from too cold environments. Chill damage will cause the flesh to become soft and mealy.

– Store exposed product away from drafts from the cooler fan. Always keep melons in a protected environment.

– Melons are ethylene producers. Store away from vegetables that are ethylene sensitive.

– Do not stack product on top of the cases or cause the melons to be crushed.

– Remove any melons with damage or that begin to mold immediately.


– Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.

– Avoid dropping the case or rough handling.

– Melons have an expected shelf life of 5-6 days. Plan to rotate frequently to maintain maximum quality.

– Avoid placing melons on non-sanitized kitchen counter tops to help prevent the potential for cross contamination. Always use sanitized, sharp knives to prep.


– Try to use the entire melon in the prep process. Refrain from storing partially used melons.

– Store prepared product in the refrigerator.


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