Yellow Bell Peppers


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Orange bell peppers are the best companion for any salad or main dish! These peppers are identified by their bright golden-red color and distinctive bell-like shape. The skin should be firm, shiny, and bright. The flesh will be slightly thick, very crisp and with minimal seeds and a mildly sweet flavor. Choice grades are identified by their slightly misshapen appearance and can vary in size from small to extra large. Colors can vary slightly from yellow with a green cast to full, bright yellow.

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How to Store


– Store immediately covered in a sealed original container in the warmest part of the walk-in cooler.

– Bell peppers are extremely susceptible to dehydration (shrivel and pitting) from cooler fans.

– Bell peppers will turn yellow and pale green from exposure to ethylene gas.

– Always immediately remove decayed bell peppers and discard.

– Do not stack heavy objects on top of bell peppers. They can easily be crushed or bruised.


– Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.

– Bell peppers have an expected shelf life of 4-5 days. Plan to rotate frequently to maintain quality.

– Take note: Green bells are more sensitive to chill damage than colored bell peppers.

– Never place the case or raw product on non-sanitized kitchen counter tops to help prevent the potential for cross contamination.


– Prepare as needed. Try not to use a product from the previous day.

– Use the bell pepper completely, do not store partially used product back into the cooler for extended periods of time.

– Bell peppers are field grown and packed and need to be washed prior to preparation.

– Store prepared product in the refrigerator.


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