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Marjoram is one of the most versatile herbs you can have in your fridge, adding flavor to your dishes much in the same way as oregano. Marjoram is identified by its soft, small, elongated leaves and a light green stem and flower buds. Leaf color can range from pale green to deep, dark green depending upon the variety; the plant can grow to a height of about 12 to 18 inches and in comparison to oregano, It’s considered a sweeter, milder alternative.

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How to Store


– Store immediately, covered in a sealed container, in the warmest part of the walk-in cooler. Chilling injury can occur (blackening, shriveling and wilting) from storing unprotected herbs past 3 days in the walk-in.

– Store in the original sealed bag away from drafts from the cooler fan. This herb is susceptible to dehydration.

– For maximum shelf life & quality. Keep in a sealed lexan or thick plastic container in the warmest area of the cooler.


– Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.

– Handle carefully. Do not crush! The herb will bruise.

– This herb has an expected short shelf life (2-3 days). Plan to purchase frequently to maintain quality.


– Prep fresh daily as needed. Try not to carry over-prepped raw product from the previous day.

– Avoid placing the case or raw product on non-sanitized kitchen counter tops to help prevent the potential for cross contamination.

– Wash thoroughly; this herb is generally field-packed and not pre-washed.

– Remove or cut away any decayed leaves before prep.

– Store prepared product in the refrigerator.


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