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Bananas are a staple of a balanced diet, high in potassium and minerals that make it a great breakfast option. This fruit is very delicate and susceptible to chill damage, so store them at 56-58 degrees (Fahrenheit) to hold and 60 to 65 degrees to ripen. Chill damage may not be visible until the fruit is returned to a warmer temperature. Don’t know how to tell what stage your banana is in? Sort them out by stage number:

Stage 3 = half green half yellow
Stage 4 = more yellow than green
Stage 5 = yellow with green tips

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How to Store


– Store in the dry storage area of the kitchen. (Preferably in a dark area with light humidity)

– Store in the original sealed carton, away from drafts from the cooler fan.

– Do not stack heavy objects on top of the case. This could cause crushing damage.

– Under-ripe fruit may be stored at 68-74 degrees to ripen. If a proper area is not available, the case may be stored in a plastic bag in the warmest part of the cooler.



– Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.

– Do not wash bananas before storing.

– Expected shelf life of Bananas is 3-5 days.

– Handle with care, do not drop or shake as bananas will bruise easily.



– Prep fresh daily as needed. Try not to carry over prepped product from the previous day.


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