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Asparagus is a staple of any well-rounded vegan diet or nutritional and culinary reasons. Quality asparagus will be dark green with a tightly closed and compact tip, while early-season asparagus can exhibit more of a purple-tinged tip and a paler, apple green stalk. This vegetable is widely considered a cleansing food, chock full of vitamins and minerals with every bite.

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How to Store


– Store immediately in the coldest part of the walk-in cooler (Typically, this will be on a lower shelf and farthest away from the entry door). Asparagus held at above 50 degrees will become tough with feathered tips.

– Store in a sealed container or in the original cartons away from drafts from the cooler fan. If it is necessary to extend the shelf life, asparagus may be re-cut on the base end and placed in a tall container with an inch of warm water. This will extend shelf life up to 4 days.

– Store away from ethylene-producing fruits. Asparagus is susceptible to ethylene damage. Ethylene can cause asparagus to toughen and yellow.



– Do not drop or handle roughly, asparagus stalks can break easily.

– Properly stored asparagus have an expected shelf life of 4-5 days in your cooler. Rotate frequently to maintain optimum quality.

– Avoid placing the case or raw product on non-sanitized kitchen counter tops to help prevent the potential for cross contamination.



– Prepare as needed. Try not to use the product from the previous day.

– Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.


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