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Artichokes are a fan-favorite for their filling portions and distinct flavor. Green globe artichokes are the edible bud of the plant and are characterized by their spherical shape and tough outer petals with one lonely thorn at the tip. Thorned varieties are the best, available in the summer months, and will be identified by the slightly less compact, spreading outer petals. On the other hand, thornless varieties will be more compact and solid. During the winter, artichokes may show chill damage known as being “winter-kissed”: their outer petals become white, blotchy or even brownish and slightly peeling away. Don’t worry, this is normal and expected.

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How to Store


– Store immediately in the coldest part of the walk-in cooler (Typically, this will be on a lower shelf and farthest away from the entry door). Artichokes are very susceptible to damage from the heat of the kitchen.

– Store in the original cartons or sealed plastic bags away from drafts from the cooler fan,

– Do not allow to be exposed directly to the dehydration of condenser fans. Artichokes may be refreshed by cutting off a piece of the stem and placing in water.



– Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.

– Properly stored artichokes have an expected shelf life of 4-5 days in your cooler. Rotate frequently to maintain optimum quality.

– Avoid placing the case or raw product on non-sanitized kitchen counter tops to help prevent the potential for cross contamination.

– Always limit the time the product is out of refrigeration. Exposure to kitchen temperatures for prolonged periods of time will cause the artichoke to discolor and lose its flavor and color.



– Prep fresh daily as needed.

– Vegetables need to be washed in a sanitary sink with a fresh cold water rinse prior to prep. Drain well.

– Immediately store prepped product in the refrigerator.


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