Acorn Squash


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Acorn squash is acorn-shaped with deep furrows with a dark green to yellow-gold color, and a hard, inedible rind. The flesh is yellow, with a slightly sweet flavor and somewhat dry consistency. Stem ends should be neatly trimmed. Baking or steaming the squash yields wonderful results: a sweet yellow to orange flesh that boasts extraordinary nutritional value and taste. Squashes can exhibit minor ground rub and brown scuffing; however, it does not affect the overall quality of the vegetable.

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How to Store


– Store immediately covered in a sealed original container in the warmest part of the walk-in cooler. Chilling injury (water-soaked spots, pitting, and accelerated decay) can occur if held for more than 3 days, unprotected, in a walk-in cooler.

– The wax coating will provide minimal protection from dehydration; an unprotected product is still extremely susceptible to dehydration.

– Squash will brown from exposure to ethylene gas. Always protect from exposure – short term.

– Do not stack heavy objects on top of squash. Squash can be easily crushed or bruised.



– Follow good rotation practices, first shipments received should be used first.

– Squashes have an expected shelf life of 6-8 days protected and stored properly. Plan to rotate frequently to maintain quality.

– Handle with care, squash can break and bruise easily.

– Do not place case or raw product on non-sanitized kitchen counter tops to prevent cross contamination.

– Limit the time the product is out of refrigeration, do not allow the unused product to reach room temperature.



Prepare as needed. Try not to use a product from the previous day.

– Use the squash completely, do not store partially used product back into the cooler for extended periods of time. It will brown and dehydrate.

– Do not soak, summer squash will lose their crispness and flavor soaked in water.

– Store prepped product immediately into refrigeration (covered) upon completion of the prep.


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